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    Last updated: March 9, 2022



    Anemo Games Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi ("Anemo Games" or "we", "us", "our") is a technology company that designs and develops mobile games. With this Privacy Policy, we aim to explain how and why we gather, store, share and use your personal data in a manner consistent with the laws of the countries where we do business.

    This Privacy Policy has been entered into force between you and Anemo Games (“Anemo Games”) as the “Data Controller”. dec. In this context, the purpose of this Privacy Policy Anemo data provided by you in connection with the use of games in the collection, processing and use thereof is to provide information about the purpose and scope of the degree of transfer.

    The purpose of this privacy statement is to protect our games/applications (Collectively referred to as “Games”).) to provide information about the processing of personal data of users who use it.

    When you use Games; or in any way when you contact Anemo Games, Anemo Games collects information about you in accordance with the nature of the information and processing within the available technical capabilities.

    You agree, declare and undertake that your personal information and data may be used in a limited way through Anemo Games and/or Anemo Games, limited to the forms and purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Any information about an identified or identifiable natural person constitutes personal data. The processing of your personal data performed on the data obtaining, recording, storage, retention, replacement, re-editing, annotation, transfer, acquisition, accessible and blocking access to all transaction types, such as alignment refers to.


    1. Purposes of Collecting and Processing Personal Data

    Anemo Games collects your personal data automatically when you download or play our Games to your device, send us your feedback or forward your information or support requests directly to Anemo Games, or when you start interacting with third-party ads offered in our Games or interacting with Anemo Games ads offered on other platforms.

    In general, the information we collect about you relates to your device and helps us identify your device. Anemo Games also collects data from Apple App Store and Google Play App Store (referred to as “Platforms“) platforms and business partners.

    When you use Games; or in any way when you contact Anemo Games, Anemo Games collects information about you in accordance with the nature of the information and processing within the available technical capabilities.

    Anemo Games, within the framework of legal regulations, provide better service to you, make recommendations to improve services, in its work on your interests and preferences, to facilitate the use of games, activities and games under your last Anemo your personal information (user name, if the name, IP address, access date and time, the pages that are accessed during the game) may be collected.


    1. Your Personal Data Collected While Playing Anemo Games' Games:

    Anemo Games, activities performed within the scope of the legal and regulatory framework to provide better service, make recommendations to improve services, develop and update oyunlarimiz, interests, and preferences to facilitate your activities in the work on the use of games under games last

    May collect your personal data and anemo. When you download and/or play the Games through the Platforms, Anemo Games collects certain personal data from you and/or your device. In this context, Anemo Games, your advertising ID (GAID for IDFA for iOS devices and Android devices), other device identifiers (IDFV for iOS devices), device identifier, operating system, model, firmware, hardware type, operating system version, memory usage, country, in your preferred language and time zone information, Internet Protocol (IP) numbers, your IP address location information according to the operator and browser information, information about the characteristics of a consumer's mobile applications that interact with games, Game interactions (oyunlarimiz the time you spend playing, It collects data about your in-game expenses, level information, the time it took to watch ads, watched ads) and the time of installation and initial launch of the application.

    The aforementioned advertising IDs (IDFA and GAID) are unique identifiers for mobile devices dec advertisers use for personalized advertising, which are consistent across all mobile applications, thus allowing cross-application tracking. You can disable this option by enabling the “limit ad tracking“ option in the privacy settings of Apple devices. If Google is on Android devices, you can change your ad settings by enabling the “disable ad personalization" option. Ad IDs are non-persistent identifiers that are uniquely associated with your device. We would like to remind you that you have the option to play the Games without watching the ads by using our ad-free play feature, which is subject to a certain fee. Your username and score can be viewed by other users in our Games, which have a scoreboard feature. Payments for in-app purchases are carried out by Platforms. Anemo Games does not collect your personal data such as your name, surname, credit card number and e-mail address that you share with Platforms for payment, and only the payment information of the products you purchase is shared with us to fulfill your order.

    2. Personal Data Collected When You Contact Anemo Games

    Right when contacting us:

    • We may request your contact information (e-mail) when you request information about our Games, request technical support, or contact us in any way. Your contact information will be processed in order to fulfill your requests and communicate with you.
    • Technical Comments: You can share data containing your personal data while sharing your comments and opinions about our games. The content of user reviews consists entirely of data that you provide voluntarily. We process the personal data you share to solve the problems you face and to fulfill your request


    3. Data Collected by Third Parties

    The personal data that you provide to Anemo Games may be transferred to the relevant authorities if requested by official institutions/organizations in accordance with the law, or to the courts if requested by the courts.

    Our partners or service providers may use server log files, cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, or other tracking tools in our Games. See below 3. Mentioned in the section on advertising, and analytics business partners and our service providers, your IP address, your advertising identifier (IDFA for iOS devices and for Android devices GAID), your other device identifiers (IDFV for iOS devices), cookie identifiers, Ad ID, Mobile Device Type, operating system, version, model, the hardware type is determined automatically to your device when you connect to the internet and other identifiers of your device, web browser information, the websites you have visited, It may collect data about your links to the Games and your preferences regarding websites visited using the specified technologies. 3. The privacy policies of such third parties. You can access it from the Section.

    Anemo Games stores your data for as long as necessary to provide our Games and deletes it when the purposes of data processing have ended. Personal data is deleted no later than 2 years after the reasons that require its processing within the framework of the purposes specified in this privacy statement have been eliminated and the relevant record has been deleted from the date of registration.

    4. Personal Data of Children

    Anemo Games never knowingly or intentionally collects personal data about children under the age of 16.

    2. Legal Bases Of The Processing Of Your Personal Data

    • You have express consent and/or request,
    • The requirement that such information be disclosed in accordance with applicable laws or regulations or a court order or administrative order issued,
    • It is necessary for the conclusion and entry into force of a contract, it is necessary for Anemo Games to fulfill its legal obligations as a data controller,
    • It is necessary for the establishment, exercise and protection of any right, it is mandatory for the legal interests of Anemo Games, without prejudice to your basic rights and freedoms,

    We would like to point out that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time in the data processing activities in which your personal data is processed on the basis of explicit consent.

    Anemo Games' legal interest in processing your device and usage data is to provide you with better services within the framework of legal legislation, to make suggestions, to improve its services, to develop and update our Games, to facilitate the use of Games in studies related to your interests and preferences.

    Anemo Games, and your data stated in this document without prejudice to any confidential information strictly private and confidential, to keep it a secret regard as the obligation to keep your information into the public domain of all or any portion of confidential information to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of or to any third party we are committed to take the necessary measures and necessary care. Despite all the necessary data security measures taken by Anemo Games, Anemo Games will have no responsibility for this if confidential information is damaged as a result of attacks on the system or is seized by third parties.

    Anemo Games will not be responsible for the use of information that you disclose in comments that you have made in public spaces, or for damages caused by messages sent by third parties. Enter your name, password, etc. that you used to create the membership registration. if you share your information with third parties, Anemo Games will not be responsible for any damages that may arise from information shared with third parties.


    3. Transferring Your Personal Data

    Your personal data may be transferred to our business partners and service providers located abroad in order to improve our Games and provide you with our Games, provide personalized ads based on your interests, measure the advertising effectiveness of Anemo Games and third parties, and conduct measurements and analyses of your use of our Games. If a public institution is authorized to request personal data in accordance with the law, your personal data may be transferred to this authorized public institution in accordance with the relevant personal data protection legislation. Requests from the judicial authorities will also be fulfilled in accordance with the relevant legislation.

    Your personal data may be transferred to our business partners and service providers mentioned below:

    • Analytical Services: Your personal data may be transferred to our service providers and business partners for the purpose of conducting analytical reviews, analyses, reporting and research activities related to the use of our Games.
    • Cloud Computing Services: Your personal data is stored on the servers of Google LLC (Firebase).
    • Advertising Partners: Your personal data can be transferred to our advertising partners, who provide free or low-cost delivery of Games.

      4. Your Rights regarding the Protection of Your Personal Data

      Your rights under the relevant legislation are as follows;

      • Find out if your personal data has been processed, to request information on processing activities if it has been processed,
      • find out the purpose of personal data processing and whether personal data is used in accordance with these purposes,
      • know the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
      • request correction if your personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
      • request the deletion or destruction of your personal data,
      • request that your requests for correction, deletion and destruction be forwarded to the third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,
      • to object to any result that occurs against you by analyzing your processed data through automated systems,
      • to claim compensation in case you suffer any damage due to unlawful processing of your personal data,
      • request restriction of data processing activities,
      • to request data portability,
      • object to the occurrence of a negative result by analyzing the processed data only through automated systems, and
      • file a complaint with the relevant data protection authority and claim compensation if your personal data is damaged due to the fact that it was processed in violation of the relevant legislation.

      All your requests and questions about these rights info@anemogames.com you can forward it at. Your requests will be answered as soon as possible and no later than thirty days.

      Sariyer, Istanbul